Journal List

ID Title EISSN PISSN Indexed
1731 Journal of New research approaches in management and accounting 2588-4573 True
1729 Traditional Journal of law and social sciences 2957-5761 2957-5753 True
1049 International Journal of Social Science Research and Review 2700-2497 True
1046 An approach to business management 27170837 True
1043 Sociology.Social psychology.Politics 2709-7846 2709-7854 True
1041 International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding 2364-5369 ISC True
1039 Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies 2663-7197 IJIF True
1038 International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation 2617-0299 ISC True
1037 The International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research 2349-5677 ISI True
1036 The International Journal of Core Engineering and Management 2348-9510 ISI True